Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crestfallen 89 New Alunah, Samothrace and more

Crestfallen 89 now available to download from mediafire, here is the link.
 Crestfallen 89 Click It

Destroyer of Light The Swamp 6:30
Rituals of the Oak Here 10:01
Alunah Oak Ritual II  7:03 
Wormridden Putrid Remains 6:58
Mary Bell Stone The Martyr 7:49
Kadavar Black Sun 6:15
Saint Vitus The Bleeding Ground 6:07
Sourvein Bangleaf 4:30
Weedeater Potbelly 4:00
Samothrace When We Emerged 14:20
Sanctus Bellum The Shining Path 8:56
Bedemon Lord of Desolation 7:14
Whales and Aurora Achieving The Unavoidable 10:53
Ophis Storm of Shards 10:
Black Oath Horcell The Temple 7:28

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